Koto Music Performance

In Asia, various types of KOTO, called KIN or SOU, are conveyed from China or other many countries. These are musical instrument. Today, we introduce Japanese KOTO. KOTO is formed by 13strings, and KOTO musicians regulate pitch by putting up and moving the wooden pillars made by paulownia called JI. In Japan, KOTO musicians regulate sound with moving this pillar during their performance.

They usually play the KOTO with attached picks to their three fingers on right hand. If they play the KOTO gently, they play the KOTO by their fingers directly. The Japanese ancient KOTOs are called TOBIOGOTO which are carved as a bird. However, today’s KOTO is Chinese one carved as a dragon. KOTO music has been valued in Japan.

  • Monday September 11th
  • Welcome Performance
    Koto music (Japanese traditional music): 9:40am to 9:55am
  • Opening Ceremony
    Koto music (Japanese traditional music): 10:20am to 10:30am
  • Friday September 15th
  • Pollak Award ceremony & Closing Ceremony
    Koto music (Japanese traditional music): 11:50am to 12:00pm


  • Sakiko ENDO 
  • others